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Jami Goldman

My Glass Fusion Journey

In 2017, I took a lamp-working class to make beads. That class was interesting, but I realized that bead-making was not for me. I enjoyed the instructor, studio, and learning a new art form. I had so much fun that I signed up for a beginning fused glass class. I have been creating unique and colorful mosaic, string and, one-of-a-kind plates, trays, standing and, hanging fused glass art ever since. It is satisfying to design distinct and vibrant art, unique pieces that speak to others through color and style.

I began making so much art and found it so fulfilling that I quit work to focus on starting my business, Imaj Art by Jami, LLC, designing and selling my art full time.

Over time, my patterns have changed. I still do mosaic and double mosaic designs, but I have started to use more stringers in my creations (straight, bubble, and lamp-worked glass stringers to make unique shapes). It’s fun to manipulate the glass with the flame to create different shapes and forms for the final pieces that I make. It is great fun and provides me with a sense of satisfaction to create one-of-a-kind fused glass dishes, hanging, enhanced, and standing artwork that speaks to others for them to enjoy as gifts to others or in their own homes.

Last year, I began to assist in teaching new students at the studio. I help guide students in putting together colors and ideas for their fused glass designs.

15+ Years of Painting

I began painting when I moved to Arizona in 2008 and found it to be so much fun and relaxing. It gives me great pleasure to take photos and create lasting impressions of the many places I have visited over the years. I love to paint the many landscapes and sceneries I have experienced. I continually challenge myself and have started to abstract the landscapes. I also incorporate the unique style and colors I use in fused glass to influence creating fully abstract paintings. 

Let's make something beautiful!

Commission pieces are welcome. If you see a style you like and would like to select different colors, a 15% additional charge will be incurred on top of the price.

I am happy to work on completely individualized pieces; please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. For custom fused glass and paintings, please contact me to discuss.

About Jami Goldman My Glass Fusion Journey
Jami doing glass work at the Torch